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Because ALL Kids Are Worth It


I have always had a soft spot for the outsiders, the outliers, the underrated, the left out. Even as a privileged student there were times I still felt out of place and that education wasn’t designed for me. I know that students in my school today feel that way to one degree or another. From the day I decided to become a teacher, I have made it my goal to be a teacher for ALL students. That is why I was delighted to learn about the focus on ALL students when the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were developed.

For so long I have heard, “I’m not good at science” and “science isn’t for me”. I can’t wait to tell kids that this science is for them. It is not the goal of the NGSS to make every student the next great scientist, but what it is there to do is to make science an option for all students.

I have been working with the NGSS my whole teaching career (this is my 3rd year teaching), but it wasn’t until this summer when I joined my friends (Tricia Shelton, @Tdishelton, and Jessica Holman, @bchsholman) in a Twitter book study on the book “Science for All Students” that I truly learned the depth of consideration given to all students when developing our new standards.

This realization has only strengthened my resolve that the NGSS is going to improve science learning for all students and that the hard work currently being done in science classrooms is worth it – because ALL kids are worth it.

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